Hi Michael,
thanks for having us at your place. We have enormous enjoyed listening to samples of music in your domestic enviroment. It was -let’s say- overwellming, impressive and awesome, never had the chance to come so close to such an once-in-lifetime audio exposure…Brilliant!!
After 2 weeks on the powernet the X707 begins to get its full sound back, colours darkens, piano works and other instruments sounds organic. It was till last thursday when it became clear to me after I have listen to “Ly” from the norwegian singer/ songwriter Kari Bremnes that I have one of the best cd-players in the world. I never had the feeling that I listen to a digital source, never ever did heard instruments so organic, so brilliant in such a sophisticated holographic way. For example the piano which is one of my favorits, never heard it so fantastic before.
As I wrote to you before if the X707 will succeed to take place near or overtake the analog device I have to admit that the X707 has improved in nearly every single way, only in humanvoice reproduction the good old vinyl record (transrotor, kuzma and clearaudio insider cartridge) does this job a little bit better (more authentic) I hope in the future mastering technics will improved a little better which I expect in short time notice.
Conclusion: for the first time a digital device sounds so awesome good that I am pleased and fully satisfied to own such a wonderful cult-player like the X707.
Thanks Michael for putting your soul and know-how in such a player….
Musik Pur…nicht wahr?

Best regards

H. ten Harkel, Niederlande