Dear Mr. Swoboda,
here are my comments on the new upgrade:

The last upgrade of my Sony SCD-XA333ES at Swoboda audioteam was a bit of a mouthful. Apart from the latest upgrade, I had to deal with the “reinsilber” cable and the 75ohm digital plug. Well, I asked for it myself. It is amazing how this almost 10 year old player can be brought to a still better performance. But so it is. The latest upgrade is no exception. I have run out of superlatives, so what can I say? The machine really sings! And it makes me buy stacks of new cd’s.

I am very satisfied with the Swoboda PureSilver cables in the xlr format and would like to keep them.




SACD/CD-Player: Sony SCD-XA333ES / Swoboda Vollausrüstung
Vorstufe: BAT VK52SE
Endstufe: BAT VK255SE
Lautsprecher: Energy Veritas 1.8
Netzleiste: Exact Power EP15A
NF-Kabel: Swoboda Reinsilberkabel II
NF-Kabel: Swoboda Reinsilberkabel II XLR
Digital-Stecker: Swoboda 75 Ohm Digitalabschluss-Stecker

P.Holm, Dänemark